Mythconceptions Video Library

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there when it comes to contraception. To help tackle some of the more ubiquitous ones, we’ve called on Dr Catriona Melville. Dr Melville is one of our resident sexual health specialists, and a Fellow of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FRCOG), so she knows her stuff. Check out her video series, dispelling some of the misinformation about contraception.

Myth: my partner will be able to feel my IUD during sex.

Myth: stopping my period using contraception is harmful long term.

Myth: it’s important to take breaks from The Pill.

Myth: using hormonal contraception long-term is dangerous and can make you infertile.

Myth: breastfeeding women do not need to use contraception.

Myth: an IUD could perforate my uterus and cause infertility.

Myth: hormonal contraception causes weight gain.

Myth: people who haven’t had children should not get an IUD.

Myth: Fertility Awareness Methods are more natural and safer forms of contraception.

Myth: the Morning After Pill is like having an abortion.

Myth: hormones used in contraception are ‘synthetic’ and bad for you.

Myth: it’s not safe to use long-acting reversible contraception while breastfeeding.

Myth: you don’t need to use condoms if you’re using the Pill or have an IUD.