Pull out method, Coitus Interruptus

78% typical; 96% perfect

Every time

STI protection

Affordable, non-hormonal, easily reversible, no script required.

Interrupts sex, high failure rate, sperm can be released before ejaculation.

How does the Withdrawal Method work?

Very simply, the Withdrawal Method is the act of withdrawing the penis from the vagina before ejaculating. However, even when used perfectly, 40% of men have pre-ejaculate that contains sperm, which means that there is still a significant risk of pregnancy even when practiced perfectly, making this approach relatively ineffective when compared to other methods.

Tip: The Withdrawal Method works best when combined with another method of contraception, such as Fertility Awareness, or a Diaphragm.


How do I use the Withdrawal Method?

The Withdrawal Method requires the person with the penis to pull out of the vagina, and move away before they ejaculate. To ensure maximum efficacy, there can be no ejaculate in, on, or around the genital area of their partner, as even a small amount of semen anywhere membranous is enough to cause a pregnancy.

If you’re considering using the Withdrawal Method you may want to consider:

STI Status – Have a conversation with your sexual partner about when their last STI check was (and whether they’ve had any new sexual partners since then). The Withdrawal Method won’t protect you against STIs.

Practice – If you’re considering using the Pull Out Method as your only means of contraception, consider having a few practice rounds with a condom first. This can help both of you to gauge how difficult it might be to use perfectly 100% of the time and whether you want to consider combining methods.

Combining Methods – The Withdrawal Method is ideal for using in combination with another method of contraception such as Fertility Awareness or a Diaphragm.

Backup Plan – You can purchase Emergency Contraception over the counter, and it’s a good idea to keep a few spares in the medicine cabinet in case of ejaculation before withdrawal.

Conversation – If this is your only method of contraception, have a conversation with your sexual partner about what will happen in the case of an unplanned pregnancy and ensure you’re both on the same page about it.


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