I haven’t had children, does that mean I shouldn’t get an IUD?

A Hormonal IUD can last up to 5 years, and a Copper IUD can last up to 10 years. This means they’re an ideal method of contraception for young people who aren’t planning on having children in the near future, as they’ll provide long term coverage and can be removed at any time.

If you’re under 25, if you’re not planning on starting a family any time soon, or if you’re planning on never having children, an IUD is a contraception method you can consider.

They can be slightly more painful to insert for people who haven’t given birth, however you should be given the option of local anaesthetic or twilight sedation for insertion, regardless. 

If you aren’t given an option of anaesthetic or sedation, you should consider going to see a proceduralist who specialises in family planning as they will help to minimise the pain and will have more expertise with insertion and removal.

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