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Order a kit for your practice

To help facilitate the best contraception information exchange between practitioners and patients, we’ve created a specialised contraception resource kit for your practice.

Each kit includes:

  • Our incredible campaign posters; perfect for familiarising patients with the concept of reviewing their birth control methods
  • Method brochures that help break down each contraception method; how they work, the benefits and pitfalls, and up to date typical efficacy rates
  • A deck of flip cards; these cards are a valuable tool for explaining the range of available methods, easily and clearly displaying each method available in Australia
  • Take away cards; these cards provide patients with the URL to the contraceptive match quiz, so they can do the preliminary research at home on their own, or with their partner
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Download a decision guide

Our “Find Your Perfect Partner” quiz is a helpful contraception resource that walks patients through the decision making process. However, if you’re looking for something that you can use in your clinic, you can download and print our “Decision Making Conversation Guide” for your patients; it provides an easy-to-navigate flowchart covering the basic questions involved in contraception decisions.

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Education and training

The best contraception resource available to a patient is a well-informed doctor. If you’d like to brush up on the most up to date information out there, you can find a variety of contraception related events and training opportunities coming up, both online and offline, which are being offered by different organisations. Check the event schedule below to find both free and paid education and training opportunities in your area.


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